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India Place Finder, which is developed and maintained by the India Place Finder team ("we"), is an open academic service. To use this system, users ("you") must accept and agree the conditions described below. "The location data" in these sentences includes the location names, coordinate values and all other attribute values provided by the system.

Map data used in this site

About the "Location candidates from Census Villages and Sub-districts and Districts" mode

About the "Location candidates from Hamlets" mode

Fig.1: Scales of maps used in the system.
Fig.2: Published years of maps used in the system.


We would like to express our gratitude to all those who provided us with map data and other information to complete the location name dictionary. Without their support it wouldn't be possible to develop the system.

This work was sponsored by the Japan Society of Promotion of Sciences (Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research S21221010) and by the Center for the Study of Contemporary India at The University of Tokyo (TINDAS) sponsored by the National Institutes for the Humanities (NIHU).


Other sites who distributing the administrative boundaries and location names.

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