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Objective of India Place Finder

India Place Finder* is a tool to find geographic information from any alphabetical toponym in India. Each toponym (place-name) changes through history, and the English transcription is not unique. Even toponyms from academic works are not always accurate. This system considers notation fluctuations and helps you to retrieve the appropriate information from any toponym through "similar-search method". It also displays her location on the map.

You can search any place names, from around 600 thousands villages recorded in the 2001 Census of India, and around 6 thousands locality names in the towns in Census mode, or from around 900 thousands hamlets (natural villages) in Hamlet mode. You can sort them and narrow them down by state, district or sub-district.

Currentry, locality names from the following towns can be traced.
Pondicherry, Mysore, Dakshina Kannanda, Madurai, Kachipuram, Hyderabad, Hubli-Dharwad, Chennai, Belgaum, Gangalore.

How to Use India Place Finder

1. Single Mode

Single Mode is to get the information of a single toponym. Click "Single Mode" on the top.

2. CSV Mode (for a list of toponyms)

CSV Mode is for a user who want to get information for multiple toponyms. To select this mode, click "CSV Mode" on the top. The system can retrieve the name of state, district, sub-district, Census location code and other coordinates of each toponym in your list.

3. CSV Mode (using toponym list from spreadsheet)

To process many toponyms quickly, a CSV file is useful. Use Microsoft Excel or other spreadsheet software to produce CSV files.

Useful Hints

Saving temporary files while processing in CSV Mode

Massive toponyms can be processed by CSV mode, but you might mistakenly lose anything just by closing the browser. We recommend you to save the outputs as often as possible. For those who want to save the file temporarily, the following method may be convenient.

How to display the map in non-English

To display the map in non-English languages like Japanese or Chinese, set the preference order of languages of the browser properly as below.